Egg Update

Big Sister is still sitting tight on her eggs, hopefully we will be able to re name her “Big Momma” next week.

I candled the eggs on the 23rd and again tonight.  We’ve lost a few but there are still 8 in the nest that I’m hopeful on.

Andilusians – 2 Still in the nest, but suspect. Can still see though the body of the egg unlike the others which are opaque now.

Australorps – 2 look OK, removed the 3rd tongiht as it smelt rotten.

Faveroles – 3 still in the nest, removed two as they were infertile (totally clear), One in the nest is suspect, has a hairline fracture in it.

Aracanas – 4 still in the nest, removed one early on as it was badlycracked.

6 days to go!

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