Clucky Big Sister Gets Her Chance

Today we collected some fertile eggs from lakelands poultry, these join 5 more that we collected from a lady in kalamunda yesterday who was supplied too many in a mail order. Tonight I’ll set them under Big Sister who has been clucky for the last couple of weeks. in total we have
5 Aracunas from a black rooster and a lav hen
5 Samon Faveroles
3 Black Australorpes
2 Andalusians which from the pics on the Internet I think will be blue.

now we just have to pray to the chicken gods for a good hatch rate and lots of hens, although after seeing the impressive roosters at lakelands today I wouldn’t mind keeping one.

Eggs From right to left Favs, Aracanas, Andalusins, Australorpes.

With any luck I’ll end up with a few chooks that look like the ones below.

nb: images from which is a great source of breed info.


Salmon Faverole Hen


Salmon Faverole Rooster


Black Australorpe Hen


Lavander Aracana Hen


Andalusian Hen

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