Peaceful Bay

Got back the day before yesterday from a few days down in Peaceful Bay. We took Midas away with us for the first time and he loved it. We were a bit worried as to how well he was going to travel as it’s 5 hours in the car but he was fine. Three beach […]

Egg Update

Big Sister is still sitting tight on her eggs, hopefully we will be able to re name her “Big Momma” next week. I candled the eggs on the 23rd and again tonight.  We’ve lost a few but there are still 8 in the nest that I’m hopeful on. Andilusians – 2 Still in the nest, […]

It lives!!! (part 2)

Did a bit more on the cabinet last night. We put it together and carried it inside. It’s much bigger than I thought and still needs a few more panels and then to be painted but we actually played a few games on it last night. There’s something about standing up at the cabinet that […]

It lives!!! Almost.

It’s getting there. On sunday, Mike and I cut out the sides for the arcade cabinet and took the tube out of the old telly. I mounted the tube on a frame and extended the switches to a terminal block so I can hook it up to the control panel. Still got a few bits […]