Vegi Patch Replanted

After pretty much lying dormant over winter, the vegi beds got a new lease of life yesterday. After taking Midas for a walk we went to Magic Garden Supplies at the bottom of the hill and bought some dirt. Can’t really say enough about how nice they are there. Free trailer hire, always go out […]

Morning walkies

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been taking Midas for a walk at 6am before work. We go to Jorgensen Park which is undoubtedly his favourite place in the world. It’s a bit of a mission getting out of bed sometimes, but it’s almost a habit now and a great way to start the […]

The girls

Well we lost queenie and boo to a mystery infection during winter but our two remaining girls are doing well and enjoying their new found freedom being aloud to free range all day. Midas has been a very good boy and happily shares the yard with them, it’s just a bit worrying that he has […]