Hip Baby

I have a hip baby.  I don’t mean an “I liked pooping before it was cool” hipster baby I mean my baby has developmental hip displacia. JubJub was a breech baby which is a major risk factor for hip displacia so she was given a routine ultrasound and diagnosed at 6 weeks old.  She wore […]

Making Soap

Nase is a big tough guy but he has sensitive skin, so a few years ago I started making my own fragrance free, colour free soap. It’s much gentler than commercial soap and it’s cheaper than buying fancy soap all the time. I got quite into it and we did not need to buy commercial soap for […]

In The Night Garden

Starting this blog has really helped me get enthusiastic about things but I’m finding it hard to fit more into the day.  JubJub will play independently for awhile but she has a certain breaking point, after which her half hearted cried and yells can pretty much be translated to “I’m Booorreeed, plaaaaayyy with meeeee”.  After […]

The Book That Rules Our Lives

I used to keep a diary for work and I remember thinking, “I won’t need a diary when I’m home with baby because I won’t have many appointments”.  How wrong I was! I’m totally dependant on it. It’s not just a diary, it’s more of an appointment/meal planner/to do list/reminder and budget almanac for the […]

Frugal Ideals vs Real World

I really like the idea of frugal and green living, making the most of what you have, avoiding waste and spending smart but the truth is there are lots of things I do every day that are far from frugal or green.  They say the first step toward change is to admit you have a […]