About Us

“We” are Nathan and Ashley, welcome to our blog. *update – We are now Nathan, Ashley and Abigail 🙂

Nathan is a bit of a technology geek, currently working as Creative Director at a marketing company in Perth. When he’s not working, he spends far too much time tinkering with his media centre, playing with the dog and half finishing jobs around the house.

Being pretty handy and thinking himself reasonably clever, Nathan has a tendency to think he can do anything as well as anyone has ever done it. This often leads to things taking a lot longer and costing much more than they should, much to the annoyance of Ash.

He can be found most nights horizontal on the couch in front of the telly. Possibly asleep. Probably snoring.

Ash is a garden guru and resident expert at cooking, painting, tiling and organising. You name it, she can grow it, cook it, make it or plan it. With the Italian genes on her Mum’s side, the gardening and cooking comes naturally to her. Rumour has it she’s actually the love child of Peter Cundall and Maggie Beard 🙂

Once Ash gets focussed on a job, she has been known to follow it through until the end and let nothing interrupt her. While this works out well for jobs around the house, she can also turn that same sort of dedication to her iPhone. Bejewelled anyone 😉

We were married in March 2007 and are building our life together in the house we bought in July 2008. It’s our first home, so we’re bound to make some mistakes along the way but hopefully by recording it all here, we can learn (or at least have a good laugh when we look back).

Our family at the time of writing includes a dog (Midas), 3 cats (Sam, Dilly and Jellybean) and 2 chooks (the Sisters). At various stages over the past few years, we’ve had all sorts of fishes as well, but they have recently been handed off to Ash’s little sister while we concentrate on building our menagerie.

Anyway, our goal is to eventually be reasonably self sufficient on our little block. One day, we’ll put in a solar panel and a water tank, but for now we’re happy growing our own veges and getting eggs from our chooks.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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