Back to work tomorrow :(

Well, it’s almost 11pm and I’m back to work tomorrow, leaving the girls home alone. I’m sure they will be fine, but I’m gonna miss them…oh well, someone has to bring home the bacon.

Going to be a rough couple of days at work I reckon. The MF website still isn’t finished and I keep getting loaded up with other stuff. Gonna take a big effort one to knock it over and just get it done. It’s taken so long now that what I originally developed is starting to look a bit rubbish – that’s what happens when you’ve been looking at it for too long I guess.

Anyway, got other things on my mind. I’ve been calling bub Abi the Yabbie all day, and Ashy doesn’t like it one bit 🙂 I can’t wait until she’s old enough to dress up like a little crayfish with a little tail, antennae and some claws. I reckon she’ll be super cute!

We’re really starting to work out what works and what doesn’t with feeding, changing and putting her down to sleep. She’s been a great little sleeper, especially at night where she’ll feed at 1am, then sleep through till 6 or 7. Ash gets worried that she needs more regular feeds, but she seems happy enough, she’s putting on weight and as a bonus, we get to sleep through.

Abi’s developing a bit of a habit of filling her nappy, then holding on to a wee until you take the nappy off her and she wees all over herself, her clothes, me and the change table. Little bugger! She get’s a peculiar look on her face when she does it too, so we get about 2 seconds of warning before the fountain erupts. It’s strange how wee and poo doesn’t bother us at all anymore 🙂

Bath time is still a bit traumatic. The bub in the hospital demonstration loved being in the water and laughed and flapped around but not our Abigail. She doesn’t like it at all and screams and cries the whole time. As soon as we dry her off and dress her, she stops sobbing and calms down a bit but while she’s in the water, you’d think she was screaming for her life. I’m hoping she’ll eventually learn to love bath time… the plan is that I’ll be bathing her and putting her to bed when I get home from work. I can see it now, she spends all day with Mum having happy times then big bad dad comes home and chucks her in the scary bath 🙂

She slept on my chest most of the afternoon while I watched the footy. I’m really starting to bond with her now and it’s pretty special. It’s too early to say if she recognises me, or I’m just a big warm comfy spot. After all, she’s only 9 days old…but I kinda hope she’s getting used to my voice and how I feel and smell. Ashy and Abi have a pretty strong bond already. You can see the love both ways 🙂

Feeling pretty good about our little family. Serina is coming to stay for a couple of weeks to help out while I’m at work but that’s not till next week. I’m sure they will be fine, but I know how tired Ashy is… breastfeeding and expressing milk is taking it out of her and I’ve caught her a couple of times almost nodding off 🙂 Poor chicken. The girls are both asleep now and I’m just waiting for a client site backup to download then it’s off to bed for me too.

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