Home at last

The girls came home from the hospital yesterday, happy and healthy. We’re settling in to our life as a family. Midas was fascinated by the new mini human but once he got over his initial excitement, he seems to have accepted her really well. The cats are interested in her, but typically aloof about the whole thing. It’s going to be funny when Abi is old enough to chase the cats around 🙂

It’s so good to have everyone back at home! I’m not going in to work for the rest of the week, so we get a chance to sort out what we need to at home. It’s funny, we thought we were so ready, but in the last couple of days I’ve made about 5 “emergency” trips to pick up something we desperately need.

I had some dramas putting the car seat in yesterday before picking the girls up. Stupid Magna doesn’t have sash belts in the back so the car seat we bought wouldn’t fit without some dodgy ratchet strap mods. I’m heading off now to buy a sash belt and fit it into the back seat. I’ve had the seat ready to fit for the past few months, and have read the instructions until I know them by heart, but it wasn’t until I actually had to fit it that I realised it wasn’t going to work 🙂

Ash is healing up well and is happy to be home with the animals and in our own environment. 6 days in hospital wasn’t too bad, and they treated her really well but she was ready to come home.

So, girls home and well. Abi is getting cuter by the day and our beautiful little family just keeps getting better 🙂

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