Mine Babee

Abi has been with us for two weeks now, we have settled into our home routine really well, so much so that sometimes it feels like she’s been here forever. I think the C-Section ended up being a blessing in disguise, it’s forced me to take things slowly and hang out at home with our girl, I’m sure if I could drive at the moment I’d be zipping around showing her off and generally overdoing it.

So many people have told me to take time to enjoy this early stage because it doesn’t last long. Right now I find it hard to think of Abi as a three year old throwing temper tantrums or a teenager arguing with me about boys and parties (neither of which she will be allowed to go near until she is at least 29 years old) but since these things are inevitable I’ve decided to commit some of my favorite things about Abi right now to writing.

NB: Nathan, of course she is ‘our’ girl, but for the purposes of this list she’s ‘mine’ ok?

Mine Babee has Froggie Legs that tuck up on my chest when I cuddle her.
Mine Babee has a particular smug half smile that means I just did a big poo and now I feel good.
Mine Babee has my lips.
Mine Babee likes to wave her arms around like she’s a bad interpretive dancer.
Mine Babee has a stork bite on her left eyelid.
Mine Babee is a good sleeper, something I’m thankful for every night.
Mine Babee has monkey ears with downy dark hair on them.
Mine Babee has a scratch on her face from her nails, it makes me feel guilty because I’m scared to trim them.
Mine Babee get’s called Abi the Yabbie by her dad but not by me.
Mine Babee has lots of lovely dark hair and brown eyes.
Mine Babee is not scared when Midas barks, she just ignores him.
Mine Babee does not like the bath.
Mine Babee stares at my forehead a lot and I don’t know why.
Mine Babee always calms down when I cuddle her and call her Mine Babee.

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