Big Spender

Today we made two major purchases, I’m not sure which one I’m more excited about!

1) We went to see an old friend, Phil at Burswood Honda who set me up in a little new Honda Jazz Vibe.  We were thinking of an SUV, but I’ve never been a fan of driving large cars, especially in the city.  The Jazz is actually smaller than both our old cars, but it easily fits my only major requirements  “must fit baby, pram and dog” and be safe.  It has a 5 star safety rating and awesome flip up rear seats that will easily fit our hulk of a Golden Retriever.  It was also $5000 cheaper than our original budget which is even better!

2) I’ve been eyeing off this purchase for much longer.  A new Pram! For weeks I’ve been carting around two prams.  The first is my awesome Baby Jogger City Mini which is sooo easy to fold, compact and easy to maneuver around shops, but the wheels are too small and hard to handle our daily walk around the dirt track at out local dog park. The second was added a few weeks go when JubJub got too heavy for me to carry around the park in the BabyBjorn, it’s and a hand-me-down Steelcraft pram that has awesome big wheels and suspension for the park, but it’s big and bulky and has a permanently locked front wheel which makes it painful to push around shops and it fills my entire boot.

Enter the Baby Jogger Summit. It’s like my two prams from different sides of the tracks met in the dark of the night for a torrid affair, and affair that resulted in the perfect child with both parents best features and none of their faults; that’s classic hybrid vigor theory! It’s easy to fold, the front wheel can be locked in position for for park or released  for great maneuverability, it’s smaller than the Steelcraft, but has huge wheels, great suspension and best of all… it matches my new car!!! After watching many YouTube pram reviews and trawling the internet for the best dealing and shipping prices I ordered the Pram from Just Kids Store in the US. I’ve ordered pram accessories from them in the past and had great service so I’m not too concerned about ordering such a large item from overseas this time. Shipping will take a few weeks, but it has saved us about $150 compared to buying it from a local retailer.


NB: No one paid me for this post. Hey, no one even knows I’m typing away to myself here yet.

Part of me has been internally chastising myself for spending so much money, but having good ‘kit’ that does what you need it to is important.  Neither of our old cars were really serving the purpose we needed them to; the Pulsar was too small for the Baby + Pram + Dog combination and the Magna was literally falling to pieces in front of us and cost a fortune to run. I’m confident we’ve made good purchasing decisions, quality products that will serve the purpose we need them to and last well.

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  1. blogging in the dark, eh? 🙂 found your site while looking for Aussie recipes for jellies. Going to put the jelly post on Twitter – hope you continue to enjoy the mumming business 🙂

  2. Awesome, my first real comment! Thanks for visiting, and thanks even more for the twitter link!


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