The Perfect Day

I’m a firm believer in mixing things up occasionally so that your child learns to cope change but on most days we try to stick to a basic routine.  In theory a routine makes sure everything that needs to be done gets done and keeps JubJub from getting overtired and cranky.  In practice if half the things on my list happen with two hours of their planned time I call that a successful day.

6.00am ish: Nase gets up, makes himself a coffee, feeds the animals and generally flosses about.

6.30am ish: JubJub wakes up and Nase feeds her and has a little daddy-daughter play time.

7.00am ish: I get up, throw on some walking clothes and make breakfast for everyone.

8.00am ish: Nase leaves for work and I take JubJub and Midas for a walk around the park.

9.00am ish: Home again for some play time.

10.00am ish: JubJub goes for a nap so I take the chance to have a shower, put on a load of washing, sweep the floor and do some housework or get some freelance work done (or more likely floss about and play on Internet)

11.30am ish: JubJub wakes up and hangs out on her play mat or in her Jumperoo while I get lunch organised.

12.00 noon ish: Lunch time, I eat my lunch with JubJub then unpack the dishwasher while she sits in her highchair and continues eating finger foods.

1.00pm ish: If we have and errands to run we usually go out around now. Otherwise it’s play time and story time for awhile.

2.00pm ish: If I’m lucky JuJub has a second nap and I can do some more work flossing about. If I’ve got a craft project going on this is usually the only time I get to work on it.

3.30pm: Jub Jub wakes up and has an afternoon bottle. Then it’s play time; if she’s in a good enough mood to entertain herself I try to do 30min of WiiFit (I know it’s not real exercise but I like the yoga and stretches, it helps the constant sore back I seem to have these days).

4.30pm: On a good day we head outside and JubJub does her best to sneak a mouth full of dirt and leaves while I do a little gardening. On a bad day the TV gets turned on and JubJub watches Play School for 30min while I start prepping dinner.

5.00pm: JubJub sits in her highchair for dinner, I feed her any ‘mushy’ foods then she eats her finger foods while I continue cooking our dinner and make Nathan’s lunch for the next day.

5.30pm: Nase gets home and takes JubJub for her bath.

6.00pm: JubJub has another bottle and gets put to bed.

6.30pm: Nase feeds the animals, I go and water the garden or hang out the washing if it needs to be done.

7.00pm: Grown Ups Dinner

7.30pm: Chill Out/Blog/Freelance work time.

9.30pm: One of us gives JubJub a dream feed.

10.30pm: We pack the dishwasher, hang out the washing and have a quick tidy up then head for bed.

Rinse & Repeat.


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