Chicken House Update

Ok, so another weekend is over and we’ve made a bit more progress on the chicken coop.

We had a couple of good scores, the fibre cement cladding and insulation turned out to be new, but excess left over from a building job so it was pretty cheap.

This is how it looked on Saturday morning before we started work for the weekend. Note the lovely shiny floor that I sealed after work this week. The boards look better than the ones in the house!

Mike was away this weekend so I was promoted to first labourer. I actually got to do some drilling and sawing which was strictly “boy stuff” last weekend.

This weekend we

  • Framed and hung the doors.
  • Fixed the inside and outside walls of the two long sides and filled the cavity with insulation
  • Built the frame of the roosts from some more free timer (pine this time, from someone’s verge), the roosts themselves are 3.5” wide decking boards left over from an old project as the other timber we had was either too big and heavy or too narrow. The whole thing has been covered with a coat of white paint to pretty it up.

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