Construction Begins

We started construction of the chicken house on the Easter weekend.  So far we’ve got most of the materials for free.

Frame Timber – Free from Gumtree, a guy wanted to get rid of his old pagola.  It’s all Jarrah – a real score as it’s more termite resistant than other timbers without the chemicals that treated pine has.

Roof Tin – Free fromFreecycle, we gave a guy an old coffee table we needed to get rid of and he gave us this tin in return.

Nesting Boxes – Free from Freecycle, a guy had about 40 suares of laminated chip board sitting in his shed that he didn’t need.

Floor Boards – $40 from ths salvage yard.

We’ve also had to put the bolts and screws etc so total cost so far is about $100.

Nathan and Mike have had a bit of a broterly bonding thing, building most of it together, so far I can only claim the floors as mine.

There are also a couple of photos of where the coop will go when it’s finished,  the coop will sit on the square of paving pads and the run will extend from there to the corner of the block.

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