Frugal Ideals vs Real World

I really like the idea of frugal and green living, making the most of what you have, avoiding waste and spending smart but the truth is there are lots of things I do every day that are far from frugal or green.  They say the first step toward change is to admit you have a problem; so here it is;, my confession of spending and enviro sins.

  • We have drippers on our fruit trees that run from a tap without a timer. I often forget to turn them off in the evening and they end up staying on all night. Solution: Sort yourself out Ashley..
  • I often forget to hang out the washing and end up having to run it through the machine a second time. Solution: Sort yourself out Ashley.
  • Baby clothes, JubJub has plenty of clothes already but I just keep buying more, I can’t resist a tiny cute outfit? Solution: Self restraint!
  • I often give fruit and veg to the chooks because I haven’t used it quickly enough after buying it. Solution: Better Menu Planning.
  • I have an awesome vegi patch that Nase built me a few years ago that has not been planted out since I fell pregnant almost 18 months ago. Solution: Get out there!
  • I have money saving skills I’m not using. Pre baby I used to make my own soap, preserves and bread. I haven’t done any of these things in months. Solution: Get into it.

So basically I just need to get myself organized, be less forgetful and find a way to fit a few different tasks into my week.

But now for the big one, if I’m going to use this blog to go on about frugal and green things then I need to admit to this. THE DISH WASHER, I love it and it’s not going anywhere. There, I said it!

I had never used a dishwasher until about 4 months ago. I’d never lived in a house that had one and when my brother in law offered us his (he’d just moved to a place that already had one installed) I wasn’t really fussed about it but hoarder hubby jumped at it. Before I knew what was happening one of our kitchen cupboard had been ripped out and there it was. I have never been a fan of dishes, I tend to let them pile up for a day (or two :-o) then do a big batch. This means that my kitchen almost always has dirty dishes stacked up on the bench. Now the magic of the dishwasher means that even when I haven’t cleaned up for awhile there are NO DISHES IN SIGHT! yay!

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