Abi at the Zoo

Well, it’s been almost a year since the last update. A bit slack I know, but life has a way of getting in the way.

It’s been an eventful year so far. We’re expecting baby # 2 in early August, so that’s pretty big news! We’ve also finally started building a limestone wall around our property which should make it more secure and we’ll be able to let the kids play with Midas in the front yard. I’ve been in hospital twice and had my gall bladder taken out in May. Ash has a couple of health issues that will be taken care of when the baby is delivered. Roll on 2014!

Abi is continuing to grow into a beautiful little human being. She’s super smart, funny and trying really hard to understand the world around her. The way she puts things together in her head is amazing. The other day she found an old cd in the office and started calling it “Daddy’s work circle” – too cute!

Anyway, we went to the zoo on Sunday. Here’s a pic of me and Abi. There’s a bunch more but I’m procrastinating at work at the moment so this will do for now 🙂

Abi and me at the zoo - June 2013

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