Ok, there are a couple of old posts that I need to give some updates on.

1 – Home Make Rusks, we’re great for about half a day, then as they dried out further they turned into something resembling concrete. Seriously, your could build houses with them, JubJub didn’t mind, she was still happy to suck on them, but she couldn’t put a dent in them, even with her two new teeth. I tried dunking one in my tea, just get use them up and even that wouldn’t soften them. I think I’ve stumbled across the recipe for Dwarf Bread. Next time I will try half wholemeal flour/half white flour and add a little more of the sugar back in.

2 – The Pram. After being so excited to save a small fortune and order my pram from the USA I received an email from the, the next day saying that they couldn’t ship Baby jogger to Australia.  I find this so frustrating, many brands are now imposing territory restrictions on their online retailers. It means that us down here in Australia end up paying more because the local importer and retailers do not have to deal with the competition and raise the prices accordingly.  In the USA a City Elite pram is about $500, in my local baby store it’s $849. I know there is a certain amount of freight and duties they have to pay to get them here, but that is just over the top.  Anyway, after waiting a week for PayPal to process my refund (that’s a whole other gripe) I bought a Baby Jogger City Elite second hand from Gum Tree. Is almost new, so much so that it still had the little sticking-out bits or rubber on the tyres. Best of all it was even cheaper than my original choice. It just goes to show yet again, for baby stuff always check out second hand gear first; it saves you a fortune, and because most of it it only used for such a short time you can always find stuff in good condition too.

3 – JubJub’s Hips . JubJub had another hip x-ray and specialist appointment a couple of weeks ago. both hips are still well within normal range (yay!). Her next check-up is in 5 months time so until then we will continue to be totally brace free!

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