Our little froggie :)

When Abi was born her legs were in an “M” shape and we joked that she looked like a little frog. The doctors told us that it was because she had been breech most of the pregnancy and she should be ok. Anyway, Ash was a bit worried so they said they’d do an ultrasound at 6 weeks just to be sure. We took her in to get the scan last week and it turns out she’s got displasia in both hips which means she could easily dislocate a hip. Apparently it’s not that rare (1 in 1000 babies are born with it) and the risk factors are first born, breech and female so it’s tick, tick, tick 🙂

It’s not as bad as it could have been, but bad enough for her to have to wear a hip brace full time for the next couple of months while her bones are forming. Poor little thing, she looks like a bionic frog 🙂

Anyway, the prognosis is excellent. 99.9% of all cases are corrected by the brace and she’ll have completely normal hips as a result. My dream of coaching her in basketball is still alive! 🙂

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