Funny when you look back I suppose

Abi is now a month old, feeding well and generally being a great baby. I was thinking the other day how the last month has just flown by. She feels like she’s been with us forever. As Ashy said the other day “kids can just never know how much their parents love them”. It’s true. I thought I knew love, but when I look down and see our little baby girl who’s part me and part Ashy it takes it to another level.

When she was born a few weeks ago, Ash had a pretty rough time of the labour and she and the baby were being monitored really closely throughout. Almost at the end, the monitor failed and the little heartbeat we’d been hearing all night went silent. The midwife that was looking after us couldn’t find it again and hit the panic button. So four or five doctors and nurses come running in and all try to find the heartbeat. Ash is looking at me asking if everything is ok and I’m trying to calm her while inside I’m raging at the thought of losing our little girl. I remember thinking how tenuous life was for our baby at that stage – it really felt like we had lost her.

After a couple of minutes of the nursing staff trying to find the heartbeat, one of the doctors wiggled the cord attached to the machine…it had somehow worked loose, not enough to trigger the inbuilt alarm, but enough to disrupt the signal. It’s kind of a good story now that things have worked out so well, but at the time it was pretty scary.

So Yabbi, if you ever read this, you certainly gave Mum and Dad a few scares along the way kiddo. No doubt there will be a few more before you’re big enough to look after yourself 🙂

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