Making sense of feeding

Abi was settled during the day and slept through most of the visitors, but she started up again about 6pm and just wouldn’t stop. Ashy had her on the boob again for over an hour which quietened her down but as soon as we took her off she started crying again. Enter Siti, our guardian angel midwife.

She saw straight away that Abi was still hungry and guessed that Ash’s milk hadn’t come in yet, or not enough to properly fill her up. Poor little froggie! Anyway, she suggested that we give her 40ml of formula and start Ash on the breast pump to stimulate her milk production. Kinda embarrassing for Ash to be hooked up like a cow, but seeing Abi “milk drunk” on formula and sleeping “like a baby” made it all worth it.

The change that came over her was incredible. Her little eyes were rolling back in her head and she was almost asleep by the time we’d got 40ml into her. Seeing her so contented was a huge relief. She slept right through to 1am when we woke her up and fed her again. As a bonus, I get to feed her too! When she looks up at me with her mouth dribbling with milk my heart melts 🙂

Mum’s milk should come in today or tomorrow. We definitely want to feed her breast milk, but for the next couple of feeds, it’s formula all the way baby!

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