Happy Family

Two weeks ago Jellybean, the stray that I’ve been feeding for the last few months showed up for our nightly pat with an abscess on his neck.  After a small “discussion” with Nathan I look him to the vet, $300 later Jelly’s abscess is all cleaned up, he’s micro chipped and immunised, officially a boy (the vet checked for me) and officially a Reid Pet.

There were two major changes to Jelly’s life when he became an official Reid pet, one was a collar with a bell and name tag… it took him three days to get rid of it, I haven’t bothered replacing it yet, I’m sure he’d find a way to get rid of it again. The second was a new rule that he had to stay inside at night. On his first night in the house it took him 30 seconds to find his way out of the enclosed patio that has kept Sam and Dilly in for six months. We’ve had to put chicken wire up under the eves on the patio so he can’t climb up the lattice, into the roof cavity and out into the yard.

There was a bit of friction between him and the other cats at first but everything seems to have calmed down now. There are a few pics of the animals below, one is Sam giving Dilly a hug, I’m sure he still hasn’t realised that Dilly is a boy not a girl.  The other is Sam, Jelly and Midas all relaxing in the lounge room, which is a nice sight after two weeks worrying about everyone getting along.

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