Introducing Scampinator and Dillypotomus

Name: Sampson

Commonly refered to as: Scampinator

Natural Habitat: Confined Spaces, Boxes and Cupboards. Also commonly found on the newspaper you are trying to read or the keyboard your trying to type on.

Super Power: Bum Wiggle Sneak Attack

Name: Dilly (offically Delilah but who would admit to a name like that)

Commonly refered to as: Dilly or Dillypotomus

Natural Habitat: High places where possible dangers can be scoped out. Also close to any resident human, but not close enough for them to steal an uninvited pat.

Super Power: The Dart – ultrasonic speed can be reached with nano seconds of any lound or unexpected noise being made within 50 meters of Dilly’s location.

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