Vegi Patch Update

Here’s some more photos of the vegi patch. The retic and weed matting is all finished on two of the beds, now we just have to buy the soil and we’re ready to start planting. We’ve used Josh Byrnes (he guy with the curly hair in Gardening Australia – Peter Cundall’s heir apparent) dripper system so it’s all water wise etc etc etc. The dripper lines are attached to the retic system at one end and will be pegged down at the other end so they act as a guide for planting and can also be lifted off when we need to do any major digging. Using drippers instead of sprinklers also means that we’re less likely to get problems with mould on zucchini and pumpkin leaves. The whole thing is controlled by a tap near the carport but each bed also has a seperate tap so we can turn off water to each one induvidually if required.

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