Welcome to parenthood :)

Tough night last night. Abi just wouldn’t settle and we were up all night. Poor Ashy’s still pretty sore and feeding is taking its toll. A bit of an intro to real parenting I guess, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows 🙂 To make things worse, I’ve got a bit of a scratchy throat and […]

It’s a girl!

Well, after an induction, about 14 hours of labour, and an emergency c-section we finally have our little girl and she is amazing! World, meet Abigail Gwendoline Reid. She was delivered at 10.03 this morning. She’s happy, healthy and also just happens to be the most beautiful girl in the world 🙂 Mum and bub […]

Mortality Check

Wow. Pretty horrendous car accident out the front of our house today. Can’t quite work out how it happened but one of the cars hit a power pole so hard it sheared off at the base. By the time I ran out to see what was going on, one if the cars was in a […]