Stupid mythbuntu!

I’m fed up with mythbuntu. After running mythtv on fedora for more than 2 years, I wanted to try xbmc as a frontend and finally be rid of the myth interface. Anyway, the option i took was to do a complete rebuild and the easiest distro was mythbuntu 9.04. I got it up and running pretty quickly, but there are a few glaring quirks that piss me off enough to scrap it and rebuild it again in fedora.

  • The audio intermittently drops out – possibly not mythbuntu specific, but I didn’t have this issue with fedora.
  • The myth menus occasionally disappear. I’ve done all the fixes, including installing the msttcore packages and tried various versions of the nvidia drivers but the problem keeps recurring, requiring a reboot to fix.
  • The update panel takes focus and draws in front of the myth interface, meaning I have to get up, plug in a mouse and close the dialog. I’ve tried a few fixes for this but every time I reboot, the dialog comes back. As a distro geared towards being a media centre, how did this behaviour make it to release?
  • General system instability – again not exclusive to mythbuntu but the system seems to have locked up more than I can remember fedora ever did. It’s become common to get home from work and Ash is watching “regular tv”.

Anyway, I’m going to rebuild from scratch over the weekend using fedora and see how it goes.

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  1. Hmm, you could fix it and contribute back to the community 😉

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